A Painter tutorial


Nobody pretends painting is an easy thing to do, or something you can learn without lots of work and time..

but I promise you: the computer will make this task easier and faster, and you can really enjoy yourself in the process!

Lets paint a detail of a painting in a very easy way, painting on a photograph.

I have used this method with my art students, and they love it! Besides

I see how they quickly  learn to manage colors and the composition.


The motive
 I will prefer  a very common photography, better than a beautiful
picture, as the beauty must be delivered by the hand of the artist!
1.- Resize picture to 2000x1800, in order to have plenty of space
2.- Choose brush: big wet oils,   opacity: 80%, size:1.2, circular
3.- Color variability, about 30%
4.-Choose the dropper tool, now just pick a color and begin painting om the same area,

the variatibility will do the job, and your skill will decide the rest!



Here you can see the basic tools I have used painting this detail


I have painted on the upper right corner of the picture...pick on it

to study in detail.



Now the leaves are nearly finished..


I dissolve the background using the existing colors...
The detail is finished.



Now I use the effects for the final touch!