An Impressionist Painting from a Photography

Tutorial for the program Paint Shop Pro

This tutorial is intended for begginning artists who wish to explore the huge posibilities of digital painting.

1- I choose a quite simple picture as a model, the colors are going to be placed on it by the artist.
I begin by choosing a round brush, quite opaque and size 10, in canvas mode.

As you can see I paint a few brush strokes to "feel the painting".

These first brushes are very decisive for the looks of the resulting painting..be brave and do

not hesitate to try very different colors from the ones in the photograph..remember we are painting, not
colorizing a picture!!

The pictures should talk by themselves now, just play on the photo with your bush strokes, remember, you can not spoil

the canvas or use too much oils...they are free here!! Save your sketches often, and

do not hesitate to draw new objects on the picture..or delete the ones you dislike!!

As you can see I have altered the boat, It is my painting!!

The character of my painting is now settled, I just have to go on..

This is it, very simple and fresh impressionist-like seascape from my

The final touch, I filter the painting with: Image-"Sharpen"! Twice.

Well, thanks for your attention. Now, get your own painting and paint
a masterpiece.
I would love to see the results of your work, do not hesitate and send me your paintings by e-mail, I promise to give you a comment!