Painting a female figure


Painting From The Scratch!!
This tutorial is intended for begginning artists who wish to explore the huge posibilities of digital painting.

These first steps are the most decisive, take your time when you start

your painting..the canvas is free, so do not hesitate in using the UNDO tool often!

The background is VERY important when painting a human figure,
background color should be graysh-green
I start with the face, choose a very tiny brush size 1 or
two, and work as if it was with colored pencils, I am sure is the easyest way
here..but painting nudes is DIFFICULT!!
The great thing of painting with digital tools is that you
are not afraid of trying many times, but remember and
SAVE very often!!






Here we are!!
As you can see I paint a very simple sketch of my motive, on a colored background, very important!!.