A quick glance to my Pixel Paintings,

all painted with the help of a pressure-sensitive pen and the graphic

programs, Painter and Paint Shop Pro.

For your pleasure and inspiration!

nytorget nudister odalisca couple4 hairy woman ogre sculpture2 sixmodels offer sunny room2 garden bull flies bull space4 nude 6 mallorca 5 maquina 5 classic crucificacion illustration 8 illustration 9 women 3 Porto Petro, Mallorca Elizabeth Composition 2 First Sun French Impression Naked Couple Naked Trio Composition Acuarela Installation 6 Spanska Kvinnan Papper model Stockholm Couple 1 Happy 3 Terror Attak Gamla Stan skiss Imppression 8 Drawing 0 Willhem Tell Reverted New waiting The last hour The Moon Bodegoncillo Toledo Religion Happy 4 Sketch 2 Sketch 3 Sketch 4 Figures 9 Guardian Angel Kungstradgarden Sketch 12 Upplandsgatan 44 Tormenta en los Pirineos Riddarholmen Riddarholmen 2 Disco dance 2 The last primate Cala Figuera, Mallorca Three Drops Monstruo 3D Cathedral Cathedral Figures 7 Lluc Alcari, Mallorca Mad Bull Nude 9 skiss 5 City 3D Bar 3D Couple 3D Boat exemple Sunny Mallorca Bodegon 3D 2 Demonios Castellanos Composition 23 Ventana bodeguera gallo dextrogiro y gallo dextrogiro y The king Midas, everything he touched turned gold. Remembering a visit to Mexico, a great country with bad politicians The Old Town in Stockhom, where the past of my second country, sweden, was forged. I have the painter Millet in mind, a peasant in the fields of Mallorca. Actually a sculpture rendered with Imagine, an old 3D program A more abstract rendering in Imagine. I love interiors by the window, the colors are typical in mallorca painting schools A stone age man..just born by chance while playing with lines and colors, as most of my works painting a still-life, I am fascinated by Impressionists, note the knife, violently stucked, often my paintings are ambivalent Painted in the famous Stockholm Public Library, with my notepad, the people is my favourite subject With the notepad in a bar at goetgatan in Stockholm, people in a morning pause Remembering a village in Catalonia, I saw it about twenty years ago Painted in Pixels and 3D rendered Painted in Pixels and combined 3D figure The moon in Mallora night, my childhood world, read more if you care..why should you, he? :-) Odenplan in Stockholm where I live, I love the rain..always I have this Tapies Catalan painter in mind since I saw his work in Barcelona, inspires me ! Painted from my memory, Sevilla, the most enchanting city in Spain, my youth student time. Rain again. The sun in Mallorca can be as warm and intensive as in this painting.

The bar in Mallorca Painting My Miró Hombre ante tv Desorden limitado desequilibrio Portrait of Maria Sueño de Celia Interió amb ca negre Child and black dogs The snow man Women card players Portrait of man Portrait of woman A cubist version Watching the sea The family