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The way to modern art goes from the eternal silence painted on rock walls, done by our ancestors about 20000 years ago (They did 99% of the job, I would dare to affirm) through controlled balance and beauty from Mesopotamian relief, Greek sculptural perfection, roman mosaic explanations, Asian calligraphy delicacy, middle ages mysticism, book miniatures, renaissance , renaissance, renaicense, Dante, Da Vinci, Rafael, Spanish realism, Velazquez, Zurbaran, Spanish presurrealism, El Greco, Goya, Flemish realism, surrealism, Jeronimous Bosc, Vermeer, Pablo Picasso had a great responsability,The young ladies of Avignón (1907) introduced revolutionary elements, sensual five naked women, still not realistic, although violent, disturbing, forcing the observer to take part.

See Picasso's 'Les demoiselles D'avignon'

As in most revolutions, nothing could ever be the same again..what a demoniac mind this Picasso had!
From now on everything would be accepted as a media, newspapers, bathroom sanitarium, clothes, to begin with forced on the canvas with glue (collages), later on as art objects in themselves, Marcel Duchamp being the most distinguished pioneer. What are all these installations but Duchamp's outcomes?

When a toilet could become art in a galleri

Personally I believe this period, around the 1917 soviet revolution, to be the most dynamic, decisive for the future of modern art. Vladimir Tatlin or Natalia Goncharova, the turning point.

My version of The Monument to The International..

Since then artists are going in circles, new technical tools,

the digital Pandora Box, is challenging artists to

experiment, learn, be humble in front of the vast

ocean of creations the net offers...sometimes drunk in it..

but emerging again and again.