Born: out from my mothers belly, como todo hijo de cristiano

Sebastian marquez oil paintings

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'Waiting for your place in life, Oil on canvas ~ 60x x 45 cmAlmond trees, oil on canvas 60x45 cm, $ 600 SOLD Bar in goetgatan, Oil on canvas, 61x 50 cmCentralen, oil on canvas 64x53 cm $ 600 Interior, Oil on canvas, 46x38 cmBeach, oil on canvas, 46x38 cm, $ 300
Stockhoms archipelago, 55x53 cmGirl, oil on canvas 55x46 cm, sold fatherFather, 61x50 cm,SOLD sun6SUN6, 55x46 cm,$ 600 SOLD  
woman in balconywoman in balcony, 55x46 cm,$ 600 SOLD beachLa R?pita beach, Mallorca, 61x50 cm,$ 600 nytorgetNytorget, Stockholm, 61x50 cm,500$
gamlastanStockholm, old town, 72x60 cm,600$ moonwomanWoman and moon ,41x33 cm,200$ iron womanIron Woman, 41x33 cm,200$  
shadowsShadows, 61x50 cm,$ 600 sunserMallorca sunset, 61x50cm,$ 600 sockholm bar5stockholm bar 5, 61x50cm,$ 600



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