Born: out from my mothers belly, como todo hijo de cristiano

Sebastian marquez oil paintings

Portfolio of Works

'Waiting for your place in life, Oil on canvas ~ 60x x 45 cmTV Watcher, oil on canvas 55x46 cm, $ 600 Bar in goetgatan, Oil on canvas, 61x 50 cmSunbathing, oil on canvas 40x32 cm $ 600 Interior, Oil on canvas, 46x38 cmMallorca Olive trees, oil on canvas, 55x46 cm, $ 600
Stockhoms archipelago, 55x53 cmMallorca coast, oil on canvas 72x59 cm, $ 600 Snow landscapeCouple,oil on canvas 61x50 cm,$ 350 Desolation, oil on canvas 61x50 cm, $ 600 SOLD
Small Boats, oil on canvas 55x46 cm, $ 600 SOLD Sunrise, 55x46 cm, $ 600 SOLD Swedish woods, oil on canvas,55x46 cm, $350
Alf Champman, 64x49 cm, $500 Stockholm Bridge, 55x46 cm, $ 600 Catalan Village, 64x53 cm, $600
Stockhom Water, cm,$ 800< SOLD/a> Nytorget Window, 72x59 cm, $500 Fruits and flowers, 55x46cm, $ 600


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