Jesús and Jimena, not a love story



Jesus Maldonado Perales is writing a “don’t blame anybody for my death” letter, he plans to commit suicide by inhaling anesthetic gases, stolen from his job as an anesthetic assistant nurse.

But before that, he has to deal with that girl…


Recently, he has heard cruel comments about him from Jimena, a girl he is secretly in love with:

 “What a disgusting guy, can you just imagine being in bed with him?”

And, after her friends giggled, : “And to get pregnant afterwards!”




So, the same night after writing the letter, Jesús waits outside a house where some of Jimena’s friends are having a party.

After a while, he watches Jimena arriving to the party, together with a friend.




Jesús enters the house, unadverted among the dancing crowd, sits there and makes sure Jimena notices him, after what he hurries out into the cold night.



Jimena returns home after a few hours and a few drinks. She lives with her parents in a nice house with a garden.

Jesus, waiting outside in the dark, waits until the lights turn off and then climbs up to her window on using a ladder.

Using  a gas bottle connected to a long tube, he sedates the already sleeping girl.




A few seconds later, he climbs into the bedroom and approaches the bed.



Jesús does not kill himself that night, he has just got a tiny hope, he will wait a few months.

 And yes, he sees often the pregnant girl passing below his window, obviously chocked and unhappy.



He calls her after eight months and explains he is the father, and doesn’t she remember the party night, well she had had

A few drinks, but she must remember when they did things in the back room, didn’t she?

And does not she believe him? he can take the DNA test if she wishes. Does she?

Well, he wouldn’t tell anybody, just thinks kids have the right to know, haven’ they.

Well, good bye then.


The end