Do you want to know how i paint my pictures?

You only need a paint program or colors and canvas..and lots of entusiasm!

There are as many methods as painters,

i am only trying to show the way i do, and these

comming lessons shoud in no way be cosidered as necessary.

Please remember that the best method is the one

that works for you after your own experience!

A painting's background, as essential for the final results as the motive itself.

This applies both to "conventional painting" in oil and pastel as to painting in pixels.

I usually use a tone of gray pink for landscapes and gray green for figures

and portraits, generally avoiding black and white as a background for my paintings.

The obvious reason for that is that the constrast of the colors in relation

to each other is easier to evaluate against a more "neutral" screen than black or white.

The example below tries to illustrate this, the few brush strokes of this just

begun landscape melts easier on the gray pink area to the low-left part of the picture

than against the black or white areas. The flesh colors on the

face appear clear against the gray green on the low-rigt part of the picture


My suggestions about how to choose the background of a new picture:

Another example:

Observe how the same colors appear against the four differnt backgrounds.