The Art of Pixel Painting in 3D

Or “a painter at the 3D”
by: Sebastian Márquez Cladera

The water, a simple plane with noise modifiers, and to really get the water alive, double this water plane by cloning it, resize it slightly , move one of them slightly under and add some transparency to the upper water plane, so that the one underneath will show too.

The two water planes superimposed, give long rendering time but delicate water surface.

We get the water colors only by the reflection of the rocks in the water.

Rocks background, and included a house model made of simple planes as shown background and walkside objects.

The rocks background and walk side objects mapped. The walk side is a box object, noised, cloned and resized a little, with a transparency to add texture and richness of color.

The map for the rocks in the background water materials are raytrace and reflective.

This is the final rendering, we have to finish sometime, this of finishing a painting in time, without overdoing it, is an art in itself! Specially in the field of digital art, where there are not limitations in drying time or the canvas limited capability of getting and scraping paint.

Here is where it paids, all the hours waiting for rendering results, computer crashes (Oh, yes, me too brothers and sisters!) Now we can create completely new paintings just by changing the maps, the camera angles or moving and turning a few objects in our scene...

The lights are of absolute importance, here two directed lights. The red floating anchor is added as a contrast to increase the dramatism of the scene.

The map used in the above painting, both as a background with the rocks and as an environment map, to make the water interesting and rich in color.

Finally remember the relevance of the maps on the rendered scene, take time to paint a real painting on each mapped object, if you want the scene to have a painting look as we intended to do.

I include all maps, objects and experiments in this project, if you dare to look into it, I do not have the guts to order the mess!

Here is my site, where you can see many Pixel Paintings And art http://www.pixelpaintings.net/3d pixel painting tutorial_files:


Sebastian Marquez
Stockholm, Sweden