Animated 3D PixelPaintings

These 3D animations are done mainly with Painter, 3dsmax and Poser

Depending on your connection speed you might have to wait several

minutes to download the anims, and they are coded with Divx

Good neighbours

30 Mg


Jungle Drama

11 Mg



25 Mg


Guitarr Music Anim 2

25 Mg



Guitarr music avi (some nudity!) 43 Mg avi

Guitarr music avi, 128 Mg


The Virgin mother (some nudity!)

133 Mg avi




Kissing Art 

11 Mg avi


12 Mg avi


9 Mg avi

Drawing pencils

9 Mg avi

The Bar

13 Mg avi


8 Mg avi

The Moon

33 Mg avi


34 Mg avi

Canvas 3D

20 Mg avi


4 Mg avi


18 Mg avi


32 Mg avi

Sunny Day

18 Mg avi

A Perpetuum

23 Mg avi


The City Rapist (attention, nudity!)

23 Mg


Sebastian Marquez Pixelpaintings